Monday, December 3, 2018

Advent Cookie Day At East Village Stand Holiday Market

And as far as I know, the Advent calendar started yesterday and Christmas, also knows as Jesus's birthday, is 22 days away as I type this blog post.  And as I have found myself sitting at the East Village Stand Holiday Market the past week since it started, staring at Zum Shneider's across the street all day, I thought to attempt to have an Advent Cookie Day at the holiday market as an attempted part of their Adventsingen / Christmas Caroling on Six Days in December event on all four Sundays leading up to Christmas at their Bavarian Bierhaus that always seems to be way super crowded in hopes that some of those Christmas Carolers would find their way across the street for some of those holiday market Advent cookies from those Advent cookies signs that were placed in the windows and on the sidewalk in some of those photos that find themselves posted above.  Well in all blogger honesty, none of the Zum Schneider Christmas Carolers really made it our way, though it was fun listening to the sounds of their Bavarian fun from across the street. Well those eulenspiegelchocolatelab or I guess they are called Kaos Cookie Club cookies are still here at our holiday market along with lots of other vendor items until December 24th when our holiday market closes for the season. And according to that New York Post article, we are not exactly getting rich while we are here, though we love being there just to see old friends. Please join us for our East Village Stand Holiday Market November 23 - December 24 on the corner of 7th Street and Ave C, East Village, NYC. We hope to see you then. Have a great Advent Cookie Day and more.


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