Monday, November 19, 2018

East Village Stand Holiday Market Is Almost Here

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And so I find myself signing into this blog again to say that the East Village Stand Holiday Market, one of a few different alternative holiday markets is almost here. And that opening reception for that East Village Holiday Market is just a few days away in that city of New York. And according to a local newspaper, Record-breaking cold expected for Thanksgiving in New York City and it's supposed to be cold as heck on that Black Friday of an opening reception day. Nether the less, there is to be local talent, weekly guests and an opening reception and that East Village Stand Holiday Market Facebook event invite reads like:

Join us for our East Village Stand Holiday Market November 23 - December 24 on the corner of 7th Street and Ave C, East Village, NYC. 

Opening Reception & Performances: Friday, November 23, 6-8pm. A shakuhachi zen flute performance by Till Behler

Participating vendors at the East Village Stand Holiday Market include:

Bottleworks, bottle lamps, pendant lights and glassware by Joe Harrigon

One of a kind handmade picture frames by Anne Edris

Taconic Trading Company spiced pepitas and Applewood smoked sea salt

eulenspiegelchocolatelab cookies and chocolates

Black Lives Matter holiday themed jewelry and ornaments by Carla Cubit

Artwork by Baum Earth Elements 

Handmade natural products by Body Vanity

and more

The East Village Stand Holiday Market is a 10ft x 4ft space, originally a storage space on the corner of 7th Street & Ave C in East Village, NYC. It allows us to use the front and entire corner outside of the stand for performances, dinner parties, poetry and concerts.

Customers can purchase handmade, local, artisan and vintage gifts for your holiday shopping. 
Don't miss visiting before it closes for the season

View the event on Eventbrite

For more information, contact:

Food and refreshments will be provided

And some of those vendor items to be vended at this holiday market during this holiday season find themselves posted above.  We look forward to seeing you then.  Have a great holiday market day and more.


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